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  • Arkonik 95


    Few companies have conquered the Land Rover restoration business better than Arkonik. And with their latest effort, the Drogo, this firm has clearly mastered the winning formula for this game.

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  • IMG 3162

    Sell for Leather

    Buying a blinded up Defender can mean spending the sort of cash that could buy you a new Range Rover. But a company in Kent is trying to make cool 90s more affordable to the common man. And their new demo truck is definitely very bling indeed...

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  • DSC 5729

    Happy Families

    Land Rovers can be a source of marital strife, or they can bring families together. For Tom Francis and his dad Adrian, off-roading is a shared pastime – and it’s led to them driving a pair of Landies which are very different but, deep down, reassuringly similar.

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  • P1280557

    Self Preservation

    More than a quarter of a century after it was built, this time-warp example of a V8 90 CSW has just come up for sale. With two owners and just 22,500 miles on the clock, it’s got to be one of the best preserved 90s on the face of the earth.

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  • B3O9004

    Short and Sweet

    First rule of prepping a Land Rover for overland travel? Don’t buy a short-wheelbase. Except that’s exactly what Gareth Griffiths did – and he was totally satisfied with the results.

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  • DSC 6741

    Carry on Camping

    Footloose 4x4’s new Sherazee conversion turns a basic Defender 130 into more than just a motorhome. With a full camper body and every bit of its off-road ability retained, you’ll be able to carry on camping for as long as you want…

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  • 9051 107

    Have Hybrids Had Their Day?

    Back in the days when derelict Range Rovers and Series IIIs were ten a penny, 90s still cost a fortune and the government didn’t insist on smashing up everybody’s fun, building hybrids was an everyday part of the Land Rover scene. Today, far less people are doing it – though if you want...

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  • P1030905

    Burning Ambition

    Graham Faragher’s Defender 110  Td5 is a bit different from your ex-council hard-top. It’s fitted with an optional extra that surely makes it unique – in the shape of a fully fledged half-tonne wood-burning pizza oven…

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  • 12087 46

    The Agony of Choice

    Buying a Defender is still as good an idea as ever. Only problem is, which kind do you go for? Factory fresh or expertly refurbished: each has a good many points in its favour…

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  • 11095 2

    Busman's Holiday

    When you spend your working days maintaining a fleet of 14 Land Rovers for an agricultural estate, it might reasonably be assumed that you won’t want to spend your leisure time working on Land Rovers. But Nick Mills is so into it, he didn’t just build himself one.

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  • DSC 6940

    A Very Special Vehicle

    When Jim Marsden bought a 90 SV, little did he know that one day he would get into trouble with purists for using such a rare Defender in winch challenges. But even when he was driving it to a string of successes at the highest level of the sport, there...

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  • 048

    A Very Big Car in the Country

    Driving a string of desirable performance cars didn’t stop John Duerden from dreaming about one day owning a Land Rover. So when he finally moved out of the city and became a country-dweller once again, this farmer-turned-stock-trader knew exactly what he wanted to put on his driveway…

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  • DSC 7222 01

    Life's Great Adventure

    Three years ago, Toby Barnes-Taylor was getting ready for early retirement after serving nineteen years in the armed forces. A few months before returning to civvy street he bumped into his old friend Woody.

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