• bilstein

    Cloud Bilstein

    Should you want to have the comfiest of journeys, ideally you’d like to feel like you’re floating on air, not potholes the size of craters. And with Bilstein’s expertise channelled into an air-suspension unit, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.  Bilstein’s Airmatic unit is OEM quality and the setup is...

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  • lifting

    Lifting the night away

    Land Rovers are many, many things – but light isn’t one of them. Most Land Rovers will tip the scales at around two tonnes, however, Sealey’s 3tonne Long Reach High Lift Commercial Trolley Jack will whisk it away like Baby Houseman from Dirty Dancing – or, erm whatever her name...

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  • Method

    Method in the Landy

    Method Race Wheels has launched a new design of rim in the UK, complete with a patented Bead Grip system allowing you to air down without needing beadlocks. Called the 701, it’s fully road-legal – and UK importer XS4x4 says it’s the first heavy-duty alloy from the USA to be...

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  • redex

    Topping Up

    Few brands have benefitted from diesel engines as much as the Green Oval. And with diesel, comes Adblue. The additive reduces harmful nitrous oxide emissions from the exhaust of diesel motors, and since 2014 has been a legal requirement on new diesel cars.

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  • impression

    Making an Impression

    Much of Landy ownership consists of repairs – especially if you’re into the off-roading side of things. From time to time, you may want to, correction, need to tidy up the bodywork, or even want to re-paint your pride and joy.

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  • switching

    Switching it up

    Some older Land Rovers are really starting to age now. That’s no surprise, but in one particular aspect they really can be behind the times.  They don’t look cutting edge, and the rust doesn’t help that, either.  But that isn’t what I’m talking about.  The area in which they fall...

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  • masai

    Masai have you covered

    Whatever the situation, there are always options. For example, if you want to smarten up the interior of your Defender, you could go full hog and painstakingly replace the entire seating setup, but equally you could take the easy route – both for you and your wallet.Masai’s deluxe seat covers...

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  • get off

    Bag a Sack have sacks full of gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.  Chief among which are these fantastic offers. With the wheel offer you get a bolt-on wheel and tyre set – convenient, but for a limited time only you can get an extra £80 off the 16” five-part wheel...

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  • uproar

    Causing an Uproar

    When the term ‘uproar’ comes about, there’s usually controversy or raucous chaos, but in the case of Uproar 4x4 there’s only top-quality products that’re met with praise and respect.  The expert fabricators of stainless-steel parts for Defenders forge their repertoire exclusively with 304 stainless steel.

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  • glym

    Clean as a Wheel

    It’s a common viewpoint that when it comes to cleaning your truck, car or any motor vehicle for that matter, one of the fiddliest and temper-raising areas is the wheels.When it comes to cleaning your Land Rover’s wheels, then, you’re going to need all the help you can get.

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  • White light

    Come towards the white light

    LED lights look cool, don’t they? But sometimes fitting them to a vehicle – particularly older Land Rovers, can feel like a hassle. However, Ring Automotive’s Xenon5000 headlight bulbs match the colour of the light emitting diodes in many modern set-ups and install like any ordinary bulb should!The colour temperature...

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