Switching it up

Originally Published: March 2019

Some older Land Rovers are really starting to age now. That’s no surprise, but in one particular aspect they really can be behind the times.  They don’t look cutting edge, and the rust doesn’t help that, either.  But that isn’t what I’m talking about.  The area in which they fall behind most is the interior. You get in and there’s various switches that you have to manually operate, not activate simply by touch, and if you happen to drive a modified Land Rover, you may well have added a few switches yourself. But ARB have a solution.

Their Linx system offers an easily manned touchscreen, about the size of a modern mobile phone, which has six pre-installed modules to give you control of your vehicle.  Front and rear traction module gives control of the front and rear lockers, there’s a compressor and pressure control function, plus there’s an accessory switchboard with room for up to six possible auxiliary toys.

The battery monitor can watch a trio of power sources, the digital speedometer is self-explanatory, and the air suspension control can remember personalised pre-sets of your choosing.  Included in the pack are the display module fi tted with a screen protector, a gimbal mount and a charging USB cable, a Linx control module and three wiring looms plus a quick start-up guide. Luckily for you, this fantastic kit is available in the UK within the Britpart network of stockists, so all you have to do to find your nearest dealer is visit www.britpart.com.

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