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Originally Published: March 2019

Much of Landy ownership consists of repairs – especially if you’re into the off-roading side of things. From time to time, you may want to, correction, need to tidy up the bodywork, or even want to re-paint your pride and joy. And in either of these scenarios, you may well have to remove some paint. In doing this, Mirka’s new Iridium abrasive line will soon become your new best friend. Its new multi-hole design and non-stick coating avoids loading or pilling the dust created during use, and the blend of ceramic grains allow the initial cut to be more aggressive and longer lasting, as well as remaining consistent throughout the entirety of its lifetime.
Both strip and disc designs are available, and will be useful in numerous circumstances for Landy owners, but if you’re, say, removing hand-brushed layers of hell from an old military Defender, Mirka’s Novastar range may be more applicable.

This abrasive provides a sharp initial cut, with coarse grits and is P-graded from 240-600, meaning it provides a finer finish. Mirka’s work on durability means both the Iridium and Novastar compounds don’t lose grain, even when folded.

Whether you’re sanding down to bare metal, or primer sanding, there’s a Mirka abrasive that has you covered.  Mirka products are available from a wide range of woodworking and hardware outlets across the UK.

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