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  • Fergal 003

    Daddy's Toy

    An old Range Rover on the wrong side of a head-on crash sounds like an open and shut case for a write-off. But when that happened to Simon Burrough’s, his insurer faced an owner unwilling to turn their back on a treasured member of the family.

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  • 003

    Pushing the Boundaries

    People used to shake their heads in amazement at the idea of Land Rover pushing the Rover V8 to 4.6 litres for the P38 Range Rover. That’s what Ian Jackson’s HSE was powered by when it was built  in 1996 – but since then, it’s become a street sleeper with...

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  • 10066 093

    Fun for All the Family

    You don’t see many P38s getting the off-road treatment. That’s one reason why Paul Goldring decided to give it a go – and having accepted the challenge, he’s created a top toy his whole family can enjoy.

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  • DSC 7184

    Turning Up the Heat

    With its Vesuvius Orange colour scheme, Mike Hayes’ unique Range Rover pick-up is already hot. Add a tuned 3.9-litre V8 and lowered suspension, and you’ve got the recipe for what he calls his ‘Ferrari for a fat bloke…’

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  • 2014 06 19 10.53.04

    Revitalised Rangey

    Gumtree 4x4 breathes new life into one of the rarest late Mk1 Range Rovers

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  • 14009 40

    Mk1s without the miles

    Interest in straight Range Rover Mk1s is building all the time. Even a late Classic can now be valuable – and if its clock is showing super-low miles, it’s even better.

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  • 14001 12

    Restored with love: off-roaded with passion

    Last time we saw a back-to-original 1970 Range Rover, it was on sale for almost fifty grand.  If anything, this one is even more desirable - not least because its owner would never let it go

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  • DSC 3093

    Building a better bobtail

    Sean Robb didn’t just want to bobtail his Range Rover. He’d seen a lot of rough ones – now he wanted to do it properly

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