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    Far From the Daily Grind

    Greg McGuire only meant to use his Discovery for laning. But then he discovered how much he enjoys winching. And, as it turns out, grinding…

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    Happy Families

    Land Rovers can be a source of marital strife, or they can bring families together. For Tom Francis and his dad Adrian, off-roading is a shared pastime – and it’s led to them driving a pair of Landies which are very different but, deep down, reassuringly similar.

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    Discovery 3: Worth the Risk?

    The Discovery 3 was a revolutionary vehicle in Land Rover’s history. Early examples are now temptingly cheap – but frighteningly expensive to maintain. We asked the experts if there’s any way to buy an affordable Disco 3 without it coming back to bite you.

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    Another Kind of Barn Conversion

    Buying an old barn in Devon meant Neil Witt had a lot of rubble to shift. Buying a ‘rusty, knackered’ Series IIA was a bit of a novel answer, but as well as helping him build his house the old truck converted him to the Land Rover way.

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    G-Wac: Preserving the first Discos

    When the first Discovery was launched in 1989, a group of 86 vehicles with G-WAC number
plates flew the flag for a model that was to turn Land Rover’s fortunes around. Today, with the 3dr getting as rare as the 2dr Range Rover and just 19 G-WACs left, the original Discovery...

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    Disco 4 Towing: High Tech or Old School?

    There’s no such thing as a Discovery that’s bad at towing. But the latest
models go about the job armed with an arsenal of high-tech gadgets designed to make them even better. Is that what it takes now to keep the Disco at the head of its class?

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