Ramsden Reopens

Originally Published: April 2019 Words: Alan Kidd

 One of West Yorkshire’s most spectacular rights of way has been closed without warning for a period of 18 months – then opened again a couple of months later.

 The Experimental Traffic Regulation Order was imposed on Ramsden Road, a long and scenic lane near Holmfirth, late last year, but revoked in January following opposition by user groups.

 Ramsden Road is largely drivable in any 4x4, though one short section has become eroded by water runoff into an axle-twister that’s both extreme and, if taken uphill, steep enough to be extremely difficult. This section is scheduled for remedial work later in 2019.

 The lane’s reopening is obviously good news for interested parties, as is the creation of a dedicated management committee by Kirklees Council’s rights of way department which will engage with all user groups when planning maintenance and so on. In the meantime, the Green Lane Association stressed that the lane remains a very sensitive one and implores all drivers to exercise particular caution when using it.

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